Invisible Radiance

by Stagwounder

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Recorded in july 2014 by Daniel Christopher at Henkel Terrorzone HD.
Mastered by Role Wiegner at Tonmeisterei Oldenburg.


released June 20, 2015

All rights reserved. Pentagram-o-Phon MMXV



all rights reserved


Stagwounder Heidelberg, Germany

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Track Name: In The Hidden Cave
Tossed, thrown on the shoreline,
washed up by the tide coming in.
here in the shades of the ocean
a new chapter to begin.

another long year of no light
all locked in - trapped inside
when the first dawn breaks
I am here – here I am

but I’m here to seek
not to hide.
my year as a ghost.

I’m ripping the words off my throat
words no one can hear.
born from the deafening noise
In the blood between the eyes.

at night I dream of
the hour of redemption to come
the beauty of eternal winter
of white in its purest form.

I am weary of life
as a ghost
the needle inside
won’t sting this time.

and I crawl deeper inside,
new worlds to find
my year as a ghost
passes by.
a bloodied wet child
brought to life.
out of the wombs
tossed into light

the flood comes in
chases the seagulls away
that lust for the afterbirth
from their stakes.

air – light – warmth – sound
floating into empty halls
blackened lungs slowly breathe in
no way to push me back down.
Track Name: Eos
but lost and forlorn.
Memories stinging like thorns.

Up on his tower high
Lord of moths sleeps with open eyes.
We bring his cult to life -
A liquid light that shines inside.

Death rites,
pounding drums and ram’s horns.
You can hear the winds mourn.

Near light waiting to be reborn.
Track Name: Elagabal Pt. I - Blossom
I am the curse
of the golden age of knowledge
queens and lords both bow their heads.
Inside their temples burns a torch
of a different kind of light
than the one that once burned there.

Letters written on walls.
Unholy god that serves you.
I will embrace the whole world
with claws as smooth as silk.

I am the one that denies
eternally I will reign.
I – the god that replaced
all the gods you’ve murdered.
Breaking the ones that I love.
Bury them all with my hate
my spirit longs for
to see a new day dawning.

Be buried alive.
Suffocate in a sea of blossoms.
You who tried to break me
violets will mark your end.
Fresh as the air that I breathe
no burden yet remains.
Broken shall be the shield of your grace.

Ambrosial death from above
silently spreading its veil.
Drowns them in signs of my love
I will cheer their corpses.
Hands still holding their grails
covered in crimson red palls
their remains be a feast for the snails
and a new day’s dawning.

The past –
The present –
The future is ours.
A look at the clouds
will tell something’s coming.
Watch the flight of the birds
and the way lightning’s running.
Track Name: Elagabal Pt. II - Blight
Grey horses I must harness,
hunt restlessly through vast and ghastly fields.
Coated and soaked in mud
until the hooves get stuck.

On seedless wastelands
where the fallen lie and rot.
Where only burnt spruces
honour their death.

I bear them in my heart as I walk on
I bury them in thoughts –
who curse the day that I was born.
Winds between ruins tell
tales of those who faced hell.

Narrow, in dead straight streamlets
brick-red brooks keep slowly guttering.
The soil will cover all betrayal.
The crows take what belongs to them.

Ravaged fields all seamed with crape.
Weep and woe mixed up with hate.
But wars must be won
I have to ride on.
Unbroken my might
golden my light
brightens my path to the skies.

desperate hands
digging in the sand
mourner’s hair hangs down in strangs
all cloaked in black
looks stab my back
hissing their banes
dreadfully insane
spitting their hate in my face

Doomed shall be Thy name.
Cursed shall be Thy house.
Track Name: Among this Place Of Skulls
Untiring weakness breaks ground in my heart
hundreds of demons have torn me apart.

with teethless grin, violent,
bones and skin, pale, withering
as they crawl out of the deep
can’t you hear their tortured souls sigh?

Howling like wolves along the hillside.
Stare like a hare into a snake’s eye.
Follow like rats to sounds of steel pipes
on winding trails into the dusk.

Somber grey melancholy
paints the night upon her shield
moves upon waters crystal clear
reveals herself and disappears.

I bear my cross on top of the hill
barefoot, adorned in thorns and rags.
Out of hollow sockets that have witnessed destruction
skulls blindly stare at the sun.

Crucified among this place of skulls
where curtains are torn and all the tombs break open.
Hearts despond – failing to beat in rhythm.
No one cries – roosters won’t stop their crowing.

Wings torn out –
fragile like porcelain
Tongues cut off –
voices run dry and cease.
Eyes burnt out –
so they can‘t see our downfall.
Light goes down.
Track Name: FINiS TErRae
Ein Psalm Salomos, den Weltraumfahrern zu singen.

Into the bleakest of voids
where all light is swallowed
we drift through the relicts of time
the ancients to follow.
and rise to the borders of space
earth left vast and hollow.

As we sank in the dust
of the deserts of moon
we drank the sun we worshipped
and ate the skies we reached.

When the stars up above never seemed to come nearer
we were boiling in our blood
haunted and ridden by fears.
nomads of existence, driven by visions of God
guided by idols of terror
that mark our way to extinction.

All wrapped in rags
the old man plays
a tune on his bony harp.
mirthless and dark.
grief and dementia
glint in his eye:

„All life is drowned,
measured by HIM!
pale minds reach out
and praise the King!
From Pluto’s grounds
to Saturn’s rings
the sweetest song
that men could sing.”

The king’s holy temple’s been burned
his spirit still wails at the wall.
Galilei’s moon has been smirched
no beacons there left to fall.
light years behind the sun
further we drift into the unknown.
reminiscent light that derides
laughs at the ones still seeking.

Far from redemption
all journeys end.
The black space echoes
our signals sent.
mercyless death.
encrusted bodies
All systems red.